About Us

     As an admirer of specialty crafts, I wanted to find a way to connect with people who share the same passion. Why Candles? I love them! They are simple, yet elegant, subtle, but yet welcoming. I love the feeling of being able to come home after a long day, light my wicks, and kick back on my couch as the soothing scents fill the room.

     Originally I wanted to serve as a gateway to help candle makers promote their products, but in doing so I wanted to learn exactly what is was to serve as the creator, not only the seller. So what did I do? I bought all of the materials I needed and got to work in my lab "aka" kitchen. I fell in love! I love gathering up all of my fragrances and wax, mixing and matching to see what unique scents I can come up with just a little imagination.

    Now I present to you a place where product serves as a reflection of personality. The creatives I choose to work with are real people just like you and me, who are passionate about their niche craft and who strive to provide quality and uniqueness to all of you. Welcome to My 2 Scents!